Meet Domenic Tate

Domenic Tate

Domenic Tate

Sales and Design

Chain stores don’t always mean better deals and “home-owned” doesn’t mean more expensive.

Just ask Domenic Tate.

“Working for a ‘Big Box’ store, I knew there had to be a better way than ‘herding’ customers in and out the door as quickly as possible,” he explains. “By working as a professional at SCS, I now have the ability to provide an experience that customers can’t get anywhere else.”

A former employee of a national electronic and home audio/theatre chain, Tate says working as a professional executive at SCS Home Entertainment is far more rewarding.

“At Best Buy you had ‘customers’,” he says. “At SCS, I have clients.”

With SCS for more than a year, Tate has become an expert at all of the brands offered in the audio and video entertainment field.  He works closely with the implementation and programming specialists at SCS so he fully understands both the needs of the customers, the features and benefits of each product and the requirements to implement.  That sets him apart from others in the industry.

“I hope to offer all of my clients an experience that far exceeds that of which anyone else in the four-state area can provide through offering personalization, knowledge and experience.”

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