About SCS

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SCS Home Entertainment’s story reads like most great American success stories.

What began as a Hail Mary pass launched in the garage of his home more than 25 years ago has turned into a multi-million dollar business in a brand new state-of-the-art audio and video showroom.

In the 90s, Larry Batson was frustrated with his day job. At the suggestion of his father, he turned to an industry he knew: central vacuum cleaner systems. His father had been selling the systems as a means to supplement the family income. In 1990, the junior Batson began selling central vacuum systems on his off time while still keeping his day-job. He learned all too quickly, however, that sales in central vacuum systems would not be enough to support his family or quit his day job.

Looking to add to his offering and increase revenue, Batson added intercom systems to his product offering and he began to see an increase in sales and profits. This was about the time that his daughter, Rachel, was in Kindergarten. She came home with a school fundraiser selling magazine subscriptions. Batson bought a subscription to a magazine specializing in Audio/Video interiors. He began to read about large audio and video systems being installed in upscale homes and realized there was a niche in the area for a similar business model. Batson began doing some research and learning about the systems. Realizing the need for larger stereo and video systems, he added multi-room audio and eventually personal home cinemas, stereo and security systems, and home automation systems. Now he could leave his day job and concentrate solely on his own rapidly growing business. In 1994, his wife, Melynda, quit her job as well and joined him in their new store, formerly located in south Springfield.

In 2009, Batson purchased the long-time Springfield and Cape Girardeau business, Stereo One, adding to his arsenal of products, services and expert employees.

That same year, Batson would move his store from its original location to the former Stereo One showroom located in the Brentwood Shopping Center at 2868 S. Glenstone Ave, across from Battlefield Mall.

Twenty-six years later, SCS Home Entertainment has come a long way from the vacuum cleaner business run out of a garage. It has grown into one of the largest home entertainment stores in the area, largely due to a vision, some stubbornness and determination, and the commitment to offering the highest quality service and products in the industry.

And like all American success stories, this one has a happy ending.