Meet Larry Batson

Larry Batson


What began as a struggling vacuum cleaner business has steadily grown into so much more for Larry Batson and his family.

“My father had been selling Vacu-Maid central vacuums for several years as a side job to supplement his income,” Batson begins. “I was at a point with my job where I hated working there. My father talked me into trying to sell central vac business as a full-time job.”

Batson took the risk and began his business out of his garage. Despite hard work, he realized that he could not make a living on vacuum cleaner sales alone. Determined to make the business work, he added intercom systems. Later, distributed audio systems were added and the business began to take off from there.

Today, Batson heads-up the largest locally-owned home entertainment store in the area.  Batson believes it has been his commitment to offering excellent quality products, trained staff and above all, commitment to providing outstanding customer service that has garnered him a strong foothold in the industry.

“I’m proud of what we have built,” he says. “We are locally owned and committed to the success of our community. That’s why we are diligent in outperforming the chain stores in both product and service.”