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Can you hear it? New Speakers Are Music to Your Ears

1A few years ago SCS Home Entertainment decided to bring a speaker brand back to Springfield. Focal / JM Lab was added to the SCS lineup and has been turning heads or in this case ears ever since. We have been so pleased with the value and performance of this product that we have continued to grow with Focal and add much more of Focal product to our store. Many of you may not have heard of Focal and that’s not uncommon. After all it is from France and for many years was marketed under an acronym of its founder’s name, Jacques Mahul called Focal-JM Labs. Focal was primarily the research division and JM Lab was the production side of the business. Many years later the name focused on Focal without the JM Labs hyphen as we know it today.

2Jacques started out dedicated to acoustic research back in 1979 in Paris. He began making his first speaker drivers in a small workshop in Saint-Etienne, at a precision mechanics company, which belonged to his father. While producing his speaker drivers, Jacques Mahul also launched his own range of loudspeakers under the brand JMlab. His first loudspeaker, the DB13, was a bookshelf loudspeaker, which produced volumes comparable to larger loudspeakers, particularly in bass frequencies. Initially, he only sold his product to acquaintances but the DB13 was soon launched on the market. The next 10 years the brand emerged into Europe, Southeast Asia and North America and today Focal sells its product in over 160 countries.

3Today the company resides in Saint-Etienne where about three-quarters of production still takes place with the aim of equipping every loudspeaker with “Made in France” badge located on them. This may not be a big deal to some, however it is rare these days to find a product that is manufactured in the country it is designed and originated from. Business practices like these are rare to see these days, good job Focal, keep up the good work!

4SCS Home Entertainment is proud to support Focal Loud speakers and invite you to come see and hear the Focal sound for yourself. We feature many different models including the Sopra Series, Aria Series, Chorus Series the Dimension Sound bar and more. If you would like a personal audition of any of our products, please give us a call at 417-887-9558 and we will reserve a time just for you.

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Relax: Safety is in the palm of your hand.

If you have a smart phone or tablet, you know the amazing things they can do to make your life better. But did you know they have the ability to control your home when you are away?

With the convenience of complete integration, users are never out of reach of their home or facility lighting, security, A/V, or climate systems — adding to the flexibility of expanding control solutions. End users are able to check in on their security systems when across the world on vacation, or turn off the home lights from work when realizing they they were left on, and even set the perfect temperature before they arrive home in the evening. Similarly, facility managers are always within reach of their A/V systems while on the go. With SCS integration, users can do this and much more.

Smart phones and tablets are amazing, revolutionary devices that have redefined what is possible to control when you’re on the go,” said Larry Batson, SCS CEO. “Not surprisingly, one of our most popular integration solutions has been our support for an assortment of third-party iPod docks. We are very excited to take this integration to the next level and bring the power of our control solutions to mobile devices.”

Users will be able to control and receive feedback from all of our systems, wherever they are, using a device they already own. Add to this the customization of the interface which is made possible through our Integration Designer software and you’ve got an incredibly powerful control solution for remotely accessing your system.

Just another reason why SCS Home Entertainment are the experts to turn to for all your home needs.

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