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Fall Product Review: McIntosh’s MA252 Hybrid Integrated Amplifer is Going to Blow You Away

We know McInstosh products are some of the best in the industry. But we never expected this. The McIntosh MA252 is an iconic addition to the brand’s suite of high-end audio products. McIntosh’s first hybrid integrated amplifier is a must-have for any home audio system.

One of the biggest debates among music enthusiasts is Vacuum tube vs. Solid State Amplification, leaving them to fall into one of two categories. But pitting these amplification technologies against each other is unnecessarily restrictive, and McIntosh has realized the potential of a system that merges the two with the McIntosh MA252, the company’s first hybrid integrated amplifier. And SCS Home Entertainment has it just for you.

When Clarity Meets Power, it’s Music to Your Ears

The MA252 combines a vacuum tube preamplifier with a solid-state power amplifier, giving you the texture and dimension of a vacuum tube with the smooth clarity of solid-state equipment. You’ll hear every instrument in a recording, revealing new complexities of your favorite songs you never knew existed!

Want to get swept away by your favorite artist? This amplifier highlights the craft and passion that goes into the songwriting, orchestration, and performance of the music you listen to. You’ll hear how a stick slams down on a drum. How a string glides across a bow. How a singer shapes their voice and their breath.

The MA252 is ideal for a listening room, with a variety of inputs to connect each component of your home audio system. It also pairs well with bookshelf speakers, bringing a fuller sound to your home office, library, or study. Our team of sight and sound specialists at SCS can work with you to determine what components will work best in your space, creating the optimal listening experience.

Elegant and Reliable

With a retro design inspired by the classic McIntosh MC275, the MA252 embraces the best elements of the past while incorporating modern technology to enrich the sound while integrating with your space.

The MA252 is a sleek, durable piece of equipment encased in a die-hard aluminum casing, designed to increase the longevity of the machine while the internal components are optimized to get the best performance from your home audio system. Just the way we believe it should be.

We know that when you’re ready to listen to your favorite tunes, waiting for your system to warm up should never happen. Your amplifier should be ready when you turn it on, and the MA252’s combination of high-current output transistors and temperature-regulating Heatsinks eliminates the majority of warm-up time. Power Guard technology monitors output signals and adjusts in real time to prevent speaker overdrive, ensuring that your home audio system lasts longer.

McIntosh products are built to last, and you can still find McIntosh amplifiers from the ‘50s and ’60s that function today. That is just one of the many reasons why SCS stands behind these products!

The McIntosh MA252 tends to sell very quickly, so don’t hesitate if you want to experience how this technology will transform your home audio system. Schedule your appointment at our South Campbell showroom today to experience the MA252 for yourself.

Custom Home Theatres: Are You Getting All You Can Out of Them?

Is there more than just movies for your home theater?

It’s a Friday night and you plan to spend the evening watching movies with the family in your home theatre. Great! But did you ever think that movies aren’t the only things to watch In fact, you can customize your private theater to deliver the perfect viewing environment for any event, whether it’s to binge your favorite TV shows or to watch the Chiefs game this fall. Find out more — and how our team of installation and design experts can help.

SCS Home Entertainment has been building custom home theaters and media rooms in the Greater Springfield and Branson areas for more than 20 years. There is a reason why our designs are more affordable than you might think. Today’s equipment and technology can accommodate a wide range of media use and room types. Sure, you can still get the full home cinema experience with the movie décor, lounge chairs, soundproofing, and the best equipment, but you don’t need to go that route if that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Let’s explore some of the latest trends in custom theaters and media rooms.


Today’s home theaters are places in which the family can gather and enjoy entertainment. If you or your kids are into gaming, an Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro now have 4K UHD capabilities for both video entertainment and games. And they look fantastic on a larger screen.

Add the new virtual reality (VR) capabilities of these consoles, and the ability to play with others over the Internet, and you have much more than movies and TV to bring people together in a home cinema. The Xbox One also sports a 4K Blu-ray player, which is perfect for more relaxed time with a movie.


Love the game?  One hot trend in media rooms is the multi-screen setup. This setup might include a large flat panel of 85 inches on one wall flanked by a couple of 55-inch sets to one side or on both. You could keep track of multiple NFL games on a Sunday afternoon – the Chiefs on one screen, and the other games on another two.  You could invite family and friends for a watch party any weekend and not miss any of your favorite teams.

If you and your friends are more active, we could build your screens into a game room environment. You like to play ping pong, pool, or foosball while the games are on? No problem, the theater setup can be tailored to your style. The screens can be distributed around the room, with sound systems matched to each area.


Movies and Binge-Watching

Of course, home theaters are still great for relaxing with movies and shows. With today’s plethora of content choices, there is so much to choose from at any time. Part of having a customized experience is being able to control your system and electronics just the way you want. With the many devices you might have for media – an AV receiver, streaming player, gaming console, Blu-ray player, music streamer, and more – you want a simple way to control it all. A home technology integration system like Control4 can make that easy. SCS can help you tailor this to your needs.

When it’s time for that movie or to binge on the latest Netflix series, one button-press on a touchscreen or remote control can start the festivities. You could turn all the right devices on, lower the projector screen, switch to all the right inputs, set the correct surround audio mode, dim the lights, and even set the temperature on a smart thermostat – all with one touch. That’s part of what a customized experience is; one that works for you and what you want to do.

Better than just telling you, come see for yourself what a custom home theater experience looks like. Schedule a complimentary consultation in our Campbell Street showroom where we can design a theater that fits your budget.