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Wherever you go… Keep your home safe

Heading out for your summer vacation in the next few months? Many people are, and because of this well-known tradition, summer time tends to make criminals a little more daring. But you don’t have to let the prospect of a home break-in worry you while you’re trying to relax on vacation. We can help you select and customize a home security system that you can control from your phone. In addition to a security system, we can also help you set up smart home features that allow you to control your lights and even your window shades from, you guessed it, your phone. Setting your lights up on a timer or controlling them on the fly while you’re gone can help keep up the pretense that your home is occupied while you’re gone. These steps may seem complicated and time-consuming, but in most cases we can do the installation and train you how to use your new automated home features in less than a day. Keep your family and your home safe no matter where you are.

More Home Safety Tips While You Are Away

A Home security system will give you peace of mind while you’re away, but don’t forget these additional measures to keep your home protected.

  • Stop the Mail

    An overflowing mailbox is a clear sign that no one’s home. And when no one’s home, the thieves may strike. You can stop your mail service for the time you will be away online here. It’s incredibly easy. You can stop your mail for any amount of time up to 30 days and your mail carrier will deliver your mail in one bundle upon your return.

  • Beware of Social Media

    Be careful what you post on your social media profiles. You might even wish to wait until you return to post all of your vacation selfies. Posting your vacation photos in real time lets people know that you’re not home and not expected home for at least a few days. This makes your home a prime target for thieves and burglars.

  • Have Someone Mow the Lawn

    Much like a pile of mail overflowing in your mailbox signals to those with ill intent that you aren’t home, an overgrown lawn is also a hint that you’re away. If you’re going to be gone for more than a week, it’s wise to ask a neighbor or pay someone to mow your lawn in your absence to keep up the look of an occupied home.

  • Lock Everything

    This seems like common sense, but be sure to lock every access point to your home. That includes your garage door, back door, and any crawl space entries. And don’t forget to lock all of your windows, too.

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Bowers & Wilkins speakers are enjoyed by millions worldwide. The British manufacturer is known for producing high-end audio equipment, which is well-deserved thanks to their use of unique designs, close attention to detail and the brand’s advancement in the science of high-quality audio speakers. Since the beginning, B&W has hired only the most talented and curious engineers with the intent of producing the finest loudspeaker the world has ever seen, but most importantly products that only produce clear, high-quality sound. 50 years of hard work has allowed the B&W brand to become a global leader in high-end loudspeakers and audio systems.

You can find Bowers & Wilkins audio products around the world, in the most prestigious recording studios such as London’s Abbey Road.

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