Central Vacuum

Vacuumaid UnitCentral Vacuums can be installed in any existing home without the inconvenience of knocking down or damaging any of your walls. And did you know that the installation will take just one day?

Less Noise:
Cleaning your home or workspace with a central vacuum system can be a life-changing experience. Loud, life-depleting noise is no longer a part of vacuuming. Gone are the days when the user is lost in a pool of motor whining noise. You are now free to socialize while working. One major benefit is that central vacuum units are located away from the living area. Their motor noise is masked by the natural layout of the home, making it possible to do other things while you vacuum such as talk on the phone, watch TV, and listen to music.

And, there’s even more available – some central vacuums have silencing technology built into them making them even quieter! You can stand right next to the unit while it is on, and have a conversation without raising your voice.

Central VacuumEase of Use & Versatility:
Homeowners will appreciate the ease and versatility a central vacuum provides, because no other vacuuming system lets you clean every nook and cranny of the house, including the garage, so fast and effectively!

Some of the tools are so unique and amazing to use, you’ll wonder how you were able to clean without them. Take VacPan for example: Sweep dust, dirt, and other objects right up to your wall and watch them disappear all the way to your central vacuum unit – no more bending over with a broom and dustpan. And, there’s that handy hose. With a central vacuum hose, instead of a common upright design, you can get ANYWHERE. The hose’s light weight and flexibility allow access into the highest reaches and the narrowest areas. It’s so easy that 80% of men say they vacuum more often because of it.

Power & Deep Cleaning:
Central vacuum units have powerful motors that are up to ten times stronger than regular uprights or hand-helds. Central vacuums clean deep down into the carpet grabbing dust, pet dander, mites, allergy causing particles, and other unwanted filth, helping you save your flooring and improving your family’s health.

Coupled with powerful electric cleaning brush heads, central vacuums clean deeper than other common home vacuums. Stealth Brush, for example, features a very strong motor and deep-cleaning roller brush. It digs through carpet, picking up everything in its path. Say good-bye to that old upright kicking up the dirt, and making it dusty in the room. Central vacuums completely remove the lifted dirt and dust from the living space, making it cleaner, fresher, & easier to breathe.

Sick of Their Portable Vacuum:
Some central vacuum customers made the switch because they were tired of their inefficient portable vacuum cleaner. We’ve all experienced them. Sometimes the room smells worse and is dustier AFTER a regular vacuum has done its “job.” And it is a real challenge to haul those things up and down stairs. Plus, when you have to fit them under and between furniture, you might as well forget about it. Have you ever had a friend or relative lift a chair or move a table just so you could get the vacuum under there?

The best central vacuum brushes are approximately three inches tall and lay down flat so you can get all the carpet under a bed, for instance. There is NO substitute for a central vacuum system.

Great for Garages & Cars:
Another benefit central vacuum owners notice is they can easily use them in their garages. The long hose makes it easy to get into every area of a garage, car, truck, van, boat, or RV.

When you take your car to the car wash, you typically drive up to the vacuum section before you get out. Have you ever noticed what type of vacuums they are using? That’s right, they use a central vacuum system. Now you can vacuum your car in the comfort of your home.

If your garage is a big craft area, with a wood-shop for example, a central vac system is a perfect way to clean up when you are done. It is more efficient than broom sweeping which is inefficient and messy..

Allergy Relief:
A major benefit that central vacuum owners don’t realize, until they’ve owned a system, is how much cleaner the air is in their own home. Allergy sufferers always notice a reduction in their symptoms after using a central vac system. Central vacuums pick up allergy causing dust and remove them from the living area, unlike common portable vacuums.

Modern science has proven that central vacuums relieve allergy symptoms in the home. No upright vacuum in the world can promise the same results, because they do not filter the dust to the outside of the living environment. What is the cost of NOT owning a central vacuum?

Cost Saving & Value Added:
Installing a central vacuum adds instant value to your real estate. In addition to the instant bump in value, central systems are more durable and longer lasting than common home vacuums. You’ll spend less time and money replacing inexpensive vacuums and more time living, while enjoying the high quality of a central vacuum system.

We all know the short lifespan associated with most upright and handheld vacuums. Central vacuum systems are built to last. Many of our customers go over 10 years before they even think about replacing their central vacuum accessories or requiring maintenance. How many times have you replaced your vacuum in 10 years?

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