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If we can’t stop Global Warming or control the climate outside, why not control it inside? At SCS, we offer automated Climate Control systems that allow you to adjust temperatures in different rooms or throughout the whole home from multiple thermostats or one centralized one. Your home can also be programmed to raise or lower shades to cool or heat the home naturally, also reducing the amount of artificial energy used.

Climate ControlThese systems allow you to monitor the heating and air conditioning throughout your home, giving you the ability to conserve the amount of energy you use, lowering utility bills. You will be able to see how much energy you are using for effective self monitoring.

Our systems also offer humidity control, reducing the amount of moisture and mold in the air and on your walls, making your whole home healthy for every member of the family.

Crestron Climate Control products enhance home automation and building control systems, providing the ultimate benefits in energy conservation and cost savings. Conveniently control and monitor the HVAC from keypads and touchpanels as part of a complete Crestron Green Light™ environmental control solution. Our sophisticated thermostats and a variety of occupancy and light sensors allow ultra-efficient and automated temperature management and monitoring, promote daylight harvesting, lower utility costs and keep your home or building at its greenest.

Easily add advanced temperature control to any home.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Management—Adjust HVAC automatically to respond to the outside temperature, season or time of day.
  • Personalized Control—Enjoy a heating and cooling schedule personalized to your lifestyle that can be activated by a single touch.
  • Remote Management—Control the temperature from any Control4 User Interface whether you’re in the next room or the next state with 4Sight or Mobile Navigator.
  • Flexible—Supports most HVAC system and offers up to 6 set points per day that you get to determine.

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