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As a small business owner, it is crucial to your livelihood to remain connected to your clients, offering instant communication. That’s why a hosted phone system may be perfect for your needs. The benefits of a small business phone system include, but are not limited to:

  • Low cost
  • Physical independence
  • Greater scalability
  • High speed connectivity
  • Disaster recovery capability
  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance requirements

A hosted phone system delivers the same phone features as high-end telephone systems at a much reduced price. Thus, these systems help small business owners to save money, while at the same time provide customer support service on par with multinational companies.

The advanced features in a hosted phone system include: 1-4 digit extension, custom menus, dial by name, dial by extension, caller ID, call screening, call transfer, find me follow me call forwarding, music on hold, voicemail, e-mail message delivery, fax to email, web administration, cell phone message notify, pager notify and much more.

The sophisticated interface presented to your clients easily gives them the impression that they are dealing with a Fortune 500 company. All the functionalities are delivered through a dedicated connection.

Virtual Presence at Low Outlay

Owning to the virtual nature of the small business phone system, it ensures a considerable amount of physical independence. You will not have to acquire new local and toll free numbers when you relocate to a new place. The calls and faxes to your extension can be routed to your present location with the aid of the find me follow me call forwarding facility incorporated within the system. This contemporary technique helps corporate owners to stay connected with their colleagues and customers even when they are not in the office.

These virtual IP phone systems are scalable to a large extent, and one need not worry about the expense required for additional phone lines and switching equipments. The service provider can upgrade the system according to the requirements as you grow your business. You need not purchase or maintain any equipment on your premises when implementing a hosted PBX telephone system. A small business phone system can be easily installed and all the hardware and software are maintained at the service provider’s site itself.

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