Energy Saving

Intelligent LightingShading and Drapery Control

Energy Lighting control for home

As your day moves forward, your lighting needs change depending upon your activity and your mood. If you’re reading a book or important documents, the lighting will be different than when you are working on the computer or sharing casual conversation with family and friends. SCS Home Entertainment offers smart lighting solutions that allow the light to change with your needs. A master keypad or remote on your whole home control system can easily control the lighting to transform your environment with the touch of a button. Your favorite settings can be programmed in for ease of use.

Energy Lighting control for the office

Like your home, your office requires different light throughout the day. SCS Home Entertainment offers light management systems that allow you to control the lighting in one room, multiple rooms or entire floors. With this system, you can dim a room for presentations and lighten others for increased productivity with the push of a button. Like home lighting control systems, your favorite settings can be programmed in and keypad colors are available in an array of choices to match your needs.

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