Looking for a new sound? Bowers & Wilkins Speakers now on sale at SCS!

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They are now celebrating 50 years of audio excellence!

SCS Home Entertainment is proud to be one of the longest running Bowers & Wikins dealers in the Midwest!

We now have the new 803 D3’s in our dedicated listening room running on McIntosh & Classe electronics. You have to come in and experience this for yourself.

Bowers & Wilkins speakers are enjoyed by millions worldwide. The British manufacturer is known for producing high-end audio equipment, which is well-deserved thanks to their use of unique designs, close attention to detail and the brand’s advancement in the science of high-quality audio speakers. Since the beginning, B&W has hired only the most talented and curious engineers with the intent of producing the finest loudspeaker the world has ever seen, but most importantly products that only produce clear, high-quality sound. 50 years of hard work has allowed the B&W brand to become a global leader in high-end loudspeakers and audio systems.

You can find Bowers & Wilkins audio products around the world, in the most prestigious recording studios such as London’s Abbey Road.

SCS carries the full line of B&W, come check them out in our new showroom!

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