Why do you need HDR on your TV?

The fact is you may not need HDR as much as you will want HDR.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. You may be asking High Dynamic Range of what? HDR is a description of contrast the TV can display. There are many different reviews and opinions on HDR. Most of these make me fall asleep before I can read a 20-page rant on what the color red should look like or how the black level on a row of bushes was slightly greyed out. Truth be known… all quality TV’s being sold today will offer you HDR and this will allow the TV to produce brighter whites and darker blacks at the same time. That’s the fast explanation from our perspective. Before HDR the TV’s had to compromise on bright to dark pictures. This would leave the picture a little flat, a little dull and sometimes a little dim depending on how you set it. If you wanted a vivid picture then you had to compromise on color accuracy and everything looked like a cartoon.

Now we can all get a taste of what the future of TV holds for us when we get a new set in the house that uses HDR processing. Bright vivid white levels that are controlled and not washed out along with rich deep black levels that still have shadow details so its not just a black blob on the TV screen. When this happens, the perceived detail is improved, the color renditions are vastly more accurate and the overall image quality simply looks better. Pair this up with some 4K resolution and it’s hard to believe the image can be this good… but it is… and the TV’s and the content are available to use in your own home today.

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